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Welcome to J-Cabochons.COM your one stop online shop for Wholesale Gemstone Cabochons, which includes Precious and Semi Precious cabochons.

J-Cabochons is one of India's largest known organization engaged in the manufacture and wholesale export of Gemstone Semi precious and Precious Stone Cabs in Regular and Fancy shapes like Round, Square, Marquise etc. manufactured in its own factory. Our gemstones come to you quality guaranteed.

Hesitant ordering easy by us

- Direct manufacturer of Gemstone Cabochons.
- Automatic Price calculator for calibrated cabochons.
- Wide range of Gemstone cabochons online catalog.
- Hundreds of Gemstone cabochons with various new and rare stone/shapes.
- All Custom orders accepted in any shape/size.
- Cheapest prices guaranteed of Natural Gemstones cabochons.


Gemstone Precious and Semi Precious Cabochons


We are now recognized as a world wide known organization specializing in mail-order supplier of all kind of Gemstone Semi-Precious Cabochons and Precious cabochons. We produce superior quality of Arizona Turquoise, Butterfly Jasper, Crazy Lace Agate, Larimar, Ruby, Sapphire, Crystal, Tourmaline Garnet, and many more stones with varied shapes; Triangle, oval, Rectangle, Pear and Heart in all the sizes. There are many Gemstone cabochons and shapes available.

Arizona Turquoise Cabochons
Arizona Turquoise
Phosphosiderite Cabochons
Stichtite Cabochons

Pink Opal Cabochons
Pink Opal
Larimar Cabochons
Azurite Cabochons

Pyrite Cabochons
Rainbow Calsilica Cabochons
Rainbow Calsilica
Copper Blue Turquoise





I got my goods today and the cabochons are very beautiful. Thank you for your prompt services. Look forward to do more business with you.

- Helene, France.

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If you do not find any Gemstone Cabochons in our website that you required then please send us a query . We will try to fill up your requirement as it is our motto to fulfill your requirement.

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